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VCI specializes in the integration of conferencing products and services.  Our goal is to help organizations manage and maintain complex global conferencing solutions with local IT operational control and corporate compliance policies. 

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Conferencing is critical to your business.  We all use some form of conferencing every week.  From audio conference calls to web collaboration presentations, we conference continually. 

Organizations select these conferencing tools for their end users based on features and functionality that best suit their end users needs.  Most of these conferecing solutions are offered as services due to the scale and complexity of building a platform capable of connecting hundreds or thousands of users.

Services are difficult for an organization to use and manage.  They require seperate authentication from corporate directory services forcing users to maintain seperate login information.  Corporate help desks have no way of managing this process.  Services also run outside the corporate security domain creating security and usage compliance headaches.  Additionally, these solutions because they are built as services are designed to meet the needs of the masses and provide very little customization of features and functionality.

VCI specializes in solving these problems.  Our products and services allow your organization to take ownership of managing a conference solution.  VCI can seemlessly integrate your directory services infrastructure allowing Single Sign On to conferecing solutions.  Or detailed departmental usage tracking for internal bill back of conferencing solutions.

Most importantly we provide you the ability to control all aspects of your conferencing user experience.  From authentication to access control, your are in charge.  You control who creates conferences.  You control who joins conferences.  This level of control is sure to make even the legal department smile.

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VCI can assist with:

  • Compliance, Access Restrictions and Authentication control by integrating your solution with Directory Services.
  • Reporting, Monitoring, and Usage Trending with intelligent data mining.
  • Customization of conferencing services for internal bill back or departmental tracking.

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